Vienna Spa Guide

Vienna Austria enjoys a rich history of touch therapy, from historic “bone setters” to modern day luxurious spa hotels and wellness centers. The fact is, no matter what type of massage therapist you’re looking for in Vienna, chances are great of finding one.

Vienna Massage Center offers certified therapists in Swedish and Thai massage.

When searching for your next massage in Vienna, you’re well-advised to research first. While many larger parlours offer trained therapists onsite and adjacent recreation facilities, the quality of the therapy often suffers and prices can be quite high in the Austrian spa hotels. Many other options are available, as you’ll soon find out.

History of Vienna Spas

Going back hundreds of years, medical professionals known as “bone setters” were known to heal patients following surgery or who had soreness in joints. Austrian doctors carefully experimented with these therapy techniques, as many were burned as witches during the middle ages and accused of being heretics. Approaching the 19th century though, massage therapy enjoyed a much broader acceptance throughout Europe, and Vienna specialists began to practice massage therapy full-time in parlours and spas.

Options for Touch Treatment in Vienna

Today, many tourists and business travelers join the locals in seeking out the perfect massage experience to suit their needs. While a Swedish or hot oil rubdown might be just what is called for after a long day of sight-seeing, an eastern massage might be more appropriate in certain cases. Sensual massages also see high demand as many foreign businessmen stay in Vienna for extended periods.

Luxurious spa hotel in Vienna.

Hotel Spas in Wien

Hotel spas are a popular choice for visitors, and with good reason. If you’re looking to spend several days in a restorative environment, and price isn’t the first consideration a local hotel spa can be an excellent choice. Several have opened in recent years, catering to those who enjoy leisure and relaxation, with a treatment session occasionally included.

Vienna Swedish Massage Parlours

Perhaps the most popular massage type in Vienna, the Swedish variety of therapy involves using hot oil and time-tested techniques to provide an overall improvement in mood and health. The Swedish massage therapist will utilize long strokes and circular touches to give the body a head-to-toe rubdown, and is an excellent choice for those with tired muscles or overall soreness.

Thai Massage in Vienna

Thai massages in Vienna are in hot demand, and in the past decade several new parlours can be noticed throughout the city. During a Thai massage session, the therapists enters into a partnership with a client to provide highly targeted therapy. Thai therapy involves specific locations being stimulated with pulsing finger or palm pressure, releasing stored or blocked energy. The session will also include vigorous stretching, and is known to restore energy, balance, and circulation. Is it any wonder why so many prefer these?

Shiatsu, Hot Stones & Relexology

The more exotic eastern massages can also be found in Vienna. Shiatsu and reflexology are related to the Thai technique of using finger pressure to release energy and restore health to specific body points. Hot stones and aromatherapy are newer flavours of massage shunned by many traditionalists. There’s no arguing against the popularity of these though, and some massage seekers are anxious to experience the various forms of therapy to find which suit them best.

Today’s spas in Vienna can offer something for everyone.

Sensual & Asian Massage in Vienna

Many times parlours offering “Asian Massage” in Vienna will imply sensual services inside, especially in their advertisements. Although these parlours are often frowned upon by nearby businesses, they seem to reopen nearby whenever forced to shut down. And since prostitution is legal in Vienna, the Asian massage parlours are most likely here to stay.

Vienna spas and massage parlours are more than just a modern convenience – they’re a part of local history and culture. And no matter what variety of therapy one seeks, it’s available in Vienna. Austrian spa hotels cater to the carefree and wealthy, while sidestreet parlours can offer quick rubdowns or something extra for visitors. These days, there’s simply no place better in Europe for a massage lover to be than Vienna!

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