Massage in Vienna Exposed!

Massage in Vienna options continue to shock most newcomers. While the Austrian capital has long been a place where one could find world-class therapeutic Shiatsu and Swedish massages, the happy ending girls moving in from Eastern Europe and Asia have created a massage scene in Vienna you really must experience to believe.

Massage Parlor Vienna – 3 Types

Vienna spas generally come in three varieties. Firstly, the large tourist parlours serve newcomers and tourists, providing decent services for generally higher prices. For 80-200 euros men can expect a decent experience in these well-known parlours, generally at the hands of a veteran Austrian or Russian prostitute. Beyond the tourist variety, there are also “scam shops”, parlours known for fleecing newcomers of their cash – these should be avoided at all costs.

Asian parlour in Vienna offering “soapy massages”.

Local men & savvy travelers know the third type of Vienna massage parlour. These “hidden gem” parlours typically offer the finest working girls in town, mostly imports from Asia & Eastern Europe. It’s not unheard of in these parlours to find lairs of absolutely stunning girls, eager to serve foreign men at very reasonable rates – at a fraction of what tourists pay for hand jobs! Czech & Russian girls remain popular with insiders, and new ones move into the Vienna scene each week. Many newcomers are startled when they first experience one of these places, as the quality differences from tourist parlours can be shocking at first. One thing is for sure though. You’ll never see Vienna insiders in one of the tourist parlours. . .and you’ll soon discover why.

Vienna Guru Fitch Reveals All!

When Sherman Fitch first moved to Vienna in 1994, he mostly stuck with the touristy brothels and massage parlours in Vienna. Unfamiliar with the city, Fitch preferred a mediocre but safe option over taking a chance on the infamous Vienna streetwalkers. According to Fitch, his early experiences were fine but “something was missing”. . .leading Sherman to discover an entirely new set of options. Ever since, Fitch has become legendary in Vienna for his expertise on local “fun houses”. What’s even more exciting is this. For the first time ever, Fitch has allowed his explosive ebook “Vienna Massage Guide” to be available for instant download. This powerful guide puts Sherman’s expertise in your hands – giving you the ultimate Vienna massage options, to use to your advantage over & over again. What else will you discover in your copy?

Vienna hotel massage girl.

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Now available in pdf format, Sherman’s Vienna Massage Guide fits easy into your I-Phone or Android, and leads you to amazing erotic adventures time after time. Sherman Fitch’s exclusive guide is so powerful that it’s even backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason within 6 months you’re not absolutely blown away by the amazing adventures you’re having in Vienna because of Fitch’s guide, simply email for a full refund – no questions asked. Sherman Fitch invites you to discover the secrets that instantly unlock pleasures in Vienna that you want. Instant, powerful, and completely risk free Vienna Massage Guide, now 100% compatible with smartphones for anywhere / anytime access to Vienna’s most authoritative advice. Click below now to begin your own Vienna adventure.

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Updated August 2018!